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Information regarding the upcoming Family Picnic, sometime in September, keep your eyes and ears open for details about this fun annual event.

Hafsteinn Pounds.

Icelandic Association of Washington D.C.

Congratulations to Hafsteinn Pounds who has been selected to receive our first annual Icelandic Association of Washington D.C., Inc. scholarship for the academic year 2016/17. A $500 scholarship is awarded to him and paid directly to his educational facility, in this instance, Northern Virginia Community College.

James and Jóna Pounds are Hafsteinn's parents. The family has deep ties to the city of Grindavík. Hafsteinn is very proud of his Icelandic heritage and his name. His passions lie in arts and his interests include carving and sculpting, he is currently completing an updated portfolio. Hafsteinn intends to pursue an education in the Fine Arts field, including but not limited to, Animation and Illustration.

Primordial Landscapes: Iceland Revealed

July 2, 2015 - April 2017
Smithsonian Natural History Museum

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We welcome a new major sponsor of our Association and the Thorrablot, WOW Air.
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